Reweighted Range Voting Sample Election

This election has three "parties", represented by the colors purple, orange, and yellow. Each party has five candidates. The parties have three, six, and four voters (respectively) who are mostly loyal to them. The voters grade the candidates on a 0-9 scale.

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CandidateScores (each voter is one column)
Purple 19980000001223
Purple 27890000001120
Purple 39790000001114
Purple 48940000001123
Purple 59980000001022
Orange 11119999780000
Orange 22019258990000
Orange 31128788990000
Orange 41019788990000
Orange 52139847990010
Yellow 10010000009899
Yellow 20100010209789
Yellow 30000100003888
Yellow 40110000009898
Yellow 50000010109879